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Student enrollment/Change of Address

Or moved within Holbrook

Step 1 for residency


The parent/legal guardian has two options to complete the residency requirement:

OPTION 1:  Come into Central Office (Door #8 in the back of the building) anytime between 8:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday

OPTION 2:  Have a DocuSign link emailed to start the residency requirement.

Click here for New Student Enrollment Information

Parents, legal guardians or students 18 years of age or older must complete the residency requirement by completing the Holbrook Public Schools Residency Statement and submitting at least one document from each of the three columns as well as a copy of the student's birth certificate:

Column A: 

  • Copy of deed or most recent mortgage statement 
  • Signed copy of lease agreement (including EBHA and HUD leases) 
  • Notarized signed legal affidavit from the landlord affirming tenancy indicating the terms of the lease and all authorized tenants 
  • Signed Section 8 lease agreement 
  • Signed Purchase and Sale Agreement OR Insurance Binder 
  • Most recent Town of Holbrook Tax Bill

Column B: 

  • A utility bill OR utility work order dated within the past 60 days; including: gas bill, oil bill,  electric bill, home telephone bill (landline only) or cable bill

Column C: 

  • Valid Driver’s License 
  • Valid Massachusetts Identification Card 
  • Valid Passport

The person whose name is on the lease or mortgage is the individual whose signature must be notarized on the Holbrook Public Schools Residency Statement. The same current Holbrook residential street address must be present on all three documents as evidence of residency. Please contact Bridget Baker at 781-767-1226 or via the email address below to complete this requirement.


Step 2 for Residency



Once the residency requirement has been completed, the school secretary will contact you to start the enrollment process.

Bridget Baker

Central Office

Moved within Holbrook change of address

If you have moved within Holbrook you do need to redo your residency within 10 days with your undated information.

Please follow the residency requirement instructions.  

Any questions, please call Bridget Baker at 781-767-1226