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Michael Bolger

Facilities Director
Holbrook School District

George Bayne
Dana Kerr
Paul Prisco

Raquel Andrade
Marcus Burden
Matthew Cameron
Lenny Gomes
Daniel Lenane
Patrick Moriarty
Jose Soares








The Holbrook Public School Committee recognize the PreK-12 building under their jurisdiction provides large and diversified meeting places within the community. The new complex represents a significant capital investment and the costs of operational and maintenance, including utilities takes an ever-increasing amount of limited funds available to the Holbrook Public Schools.

All organizations wishing to use school facilities will be expected to share in these costs. School events take priority in scheduling any use of our buildings, followed by town elections and voting, school affiliated programming, other town government activities, and town based groups. Generally, scheduling will be done on a first come, first served basis, however needs of the school and/or town government will take precedence and the Holbrook Public School reserves the right to bump groups if necessary.

Use of Facility Form

The user of the facility will hold the Town of Holbrook and all its agents and representatives harmless from any problem resulting from the use of the premises. The user must have insurance coverage to cover any personal and/or property claims from the event.  The insurance policy must carry $1 million in public liability naming the HPS as “Additional Insured”. A copy of said policy must be produced prior to the event. The user of the facility agrees to indemnify the Town of Holbrook for any damages as the result of the use of the premises.