Pupil Personnel Services

Robert Compton
Director of SPED and Pupil Personnel Services



McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Program

Individuals who are eligible to receive services include children and youth who:

  • Do not have a permanent home
  • Live in motels, hotels, trailer parks or camping grounds
  • Live in State Care and Custody
  • Live in cars, parks, public places, abandoned buildings, substandard buildings, or similar reason
  • Sharing housing of other people due to loss of housing, economic hardships, or a similar reason
  • Unaccompanied youth (not in physical custody of a parent or guardian)

Individuals who are considered homeless have the right to:

  • Go to school, no matter where they live or how long they have lived there.  They must be given access to the same public education provided to other students.
  • You do not need a permanent address to enroll your child in school.
  • Children in homeless situations have the right to stay in the school they attended before becoming homeless or where they last enrolled (school of origin) if that is their choice and is feasible. The school district's local liaison for homeless education must assist them, if needed, and offer them the right to appeal a decision regarding their choice of school if it goes against their wishes.
  • Your child cannot be denied school enrollment just because school records or other enrollment documents are not immediately available.
  • Your child has the right to participate in extracurricular activities and all federal, state, or local programs for which he/she is eligible.
  • Unaccompanied youth have these same rights.
  • Receive transportation to school and to school programs if they request such transportation.

When students move, they should do the following:

  • Contact the school's district's homeless liaison, Robert Compton, for help in enrolling in a new school or arranging to continue in their former school. If they choose, someone at a shelter or social services can contact the liaison for them.
  • Inform the teachers of anything needed to assist the student in school.
  • Ask the local liaison, shelter provider or social worker for assistance with free breakfast and lunch programs, clothing assistance and supplies, if needed. 

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