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Dear Holbrook Public Schools Parents/Guardians,

     We are thrilled to be able to share with all of you X2 Aspen Family Portal. Aspen is a secure, web-based student management system created by X2 Development Corporation for school districts to manage all facets of student data from attendance to conduct, grades to schedules, health to special education. While we have used Aspen in-district for many years, parents and guardians will be able to use this feature to log into Aspen via the Family Portal to view information about their child(ren) in the fall. We will be fully implementing the Family Portal in September of 2019, but would like to have the summer to give parents and guardians time to set up accounts and troubleshoot any issues with logging into the website. Many have already received welcome emails and are in the process of setting up family accounts. If you have not received your welcome email by June 1st, please contact our technology department at



Julie S. Hamilton
Superintendent of Schools


  • Is my child's information secure?

Aspen protects our student data with the same advanced technology your bank uses to protect your financial accounts. Rest assured that Aspen users only have access to information they need, and nothing more. We have carefully configured the system to ensure your child's information is confidential and can only be retrieved by you- the parent/guardian - and authorized school personnel.

  • Do I have an account?


If you are a primary contact for the student, an account has been setup for you and you have received this welcome letter as a result.


  • I have more than 1 child at the JFK or Middle-High School, does that mean I need 2 or more accounts?

No. You, as a parent/guardian, can use one secure login to access the information for all of your Elementary, Middle and High School children. 

  • I have not received a user name or password - how do I request one?


A welcome email has been sent to you. This email explains more about the family portal, includes instruction on how to access it, and the user name and password you will use to gain access. If you did not receive a welcome email, please contact the IT office (email is listed above).  Once you've verified your contact information, one will be sent to you.


  • How do I log in to the Family Portal?

You can log on to Aspen's Family Portal from any computer that connects to the internet. You can use just about any web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or others.

Here are the steps to log on:
1. Open your web browser to connect to the internet
2. Enter the URL provided in your welcome email
3. Enter your Login ID and Password in the boxes provided
4. Click the Log on button

The first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your password. Please follow the steps provided on screen to successfully change your password.

DO NOT share your new password with others! Your account contains important and confidential information about your child. It is VERY important for the security of your child's data that you protect your login information as you would any other personal account.

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