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This past November 2018, Holbrook Middle High School underwent our NEASC (New England Association of School and Colleges) accreditation review.  The visit seemed to go well and we eagerly awaited the approved report and accreditation status outcome.  In June we received a letter announcing our continued accreditation with the full report of findings.  

“This comprehensive evaluation report reflects the findings of the school’s self study and those of the visiting team.  It provides a blueprint for the faculty, administration, and other officials to use to improve the quality of programs and services for the students in this school.”

There is a specific process of follow up and presenting this report to School Committee and the community is just the beginning steps.  

The Commission also expects a Follow Team to address and implement recommendations, while providing special reports annually and as requested and routine two and five year reports to monitor progress and maintain our current accreditation status.    

While you have the full report to read at your leisure, I can summarize some of the key points. 

In the letter sent, the committee stated they were impressed with many of the programs and serviced and wished to commend the following:

  • The efforts to revise and complete the written curriculum in a common format including curricular unit overviews and lesson plans

  • The inclusion of higher order thinking, inquiry, and problem-solving, and authentic learning opportunities both in and out of school that are incorporated into completed curricular documents

  • The increased implementation of technology into daily classroom instruction 

  • The opportunity for personalization of student learning based on interest, use of learning style, and academic ability through the of software and other assignments

  • The review of MCAS results by teachers and supervisors to create action plans, which target instructional strategies to address student needs

  • The introduction of data meetings to analyze MCAS results and respond to inequities in student achievement and create action plans

  • The collaboration for supporting reading and writing subjects in content areas beyond English language arts

  • The initial development of an advisory program

  • The efforts made by staff to assist students who are struggling with academic, social-emotional, or health-related issues. 

  • The partnerships of counselors with outside agencies to make necessary referrals to support students

  • The state of the art new building and equipment that supports teaching and learning

There were 10 other items noted as well including the CARE mission statement acronym and its visibility, the multiple modes of successful communication used with parents and community, the 1:1 initiative, and the one I am so proud of…. The collaboration between and among the leadership team, program specialists, and central office administrators to improve teaching and learning.

Our first special progress report is due in March with 3 specific items to provide detail on action steps planned and taken.

  1. Completion of the written curriculum in specific areas

  2. Examination of the teachers instructional practices related to our core values, beliefs and 21st century learning expectations

  3. And a formal process of assessing the school as well as individual students and reporting out on specifics such as our school wide rubrics


I want to thank the faculty, staff, administration, school committee, students, parents, and everyone who attended meetings, interviews, and supported our work.  While we will always have areas to improve, we were very pleased to be accredited and receive so many commendations for the work we have done.  

Please review the full report and please, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, suggestions or other feedback as we continue the work to make Holbrook Middle High an incredible educational experience for our community.


Thank you,

Laura J. Stevenson, Principal
Holbrook Middle-High School

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