Health and Wellness

JFK Health Office

Mrs. Walker, RN, BSN, M.Ed

Mrs. Donnelly, RN, BSN

JFK School Nurse

Phone: 781-767-4600 ext 11161 or ext 11141

fax: 1-781-767-4054

Click HERE for Holbrook Public Schools Wellness Policies

The nurse collaborates with families and staff members to keep students healthy, in class, and learning!  The health office is open 8:30am-3:15pm on days when school is in session.  Please feel free to contact the nurse with any questions or concerns.  Voicemails can be left on the private nurse line and voicemails are checked throughout the schoolday.


When to Keep Your Child Home:

Fever of 100.0 or greater (prior to returning to school, student should be fever free for 24 hours without use of medication)


Eye Drainage

Skin rash

Cold symptoms that would interfere with your child or classmate's learning

When in doubt, please call the nurse so we can discuss



1. ALL medications (prescription or over the counter) need to be brought into school by a parent/adult. Do not send in medications with your child or in your child's school bag.

2. In order for the nurse to adminsiter a specific medication for your child, a Doctor's Order must be on file in the health office. 

3. Individual Inhalers and Epipens:  New MD orders are needed each school year

4. Please let the nurse know if your child is taking medication.  A note can be sent in with your child or you can leave a phone message on the nurse line.  In the event of an emergency, it is essential that the health care team is aware of your child's medication use.


Phone Contacts:  Please Inform the main office or health office if your home, cell or work phone number changes.  It is imperative that the nurse can reach you if needed during the schoolday.

Extra Clothes: Please keep a spare outfit, including underwear, in your child's school bag.  This will be used in the event of an accident or mishap here at school.

Physicals: Please send in copies of your child's annual physical exams after their MD appointments. Additionally, per MA state regulations, third graders MUST have an updated physical exam on file prior to starting fourth grade.



Preschool, Kindergarten and Transfer students:

Welcome!  Upon enrollment, the main office will provide families with the school medical requirements.  All health requirements align with MA regulation requiremens for school attendance.  Please call the school nurse with any questions or concerns regarding school health requirements.