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Special Education Student Find

As part of our on-going Student Find Procedures, the Special Education Department has drafted a press release to inform parents and care providers of Holbrook Public Schools' responsibility to identify, evaluate, and service all children in our district who may be eligible for special education or related services, regardless of their enrollment in the Holbrook Public Schools.

The Holbrook Public School addresses all disabilities.

It is the responsibility of the Holbrook Public School Department to identify any child who is a resident of Holbrook, who may have a disability, regardless of the severity of the disability.  It is also the responsibility of the Holbrook Public Schools to evaluate those students to determine which are eligible for special education of related services under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) or 603 CMR 28 (Massachusetts Special Education Regulations).

The Holbrook Public Schools are committed to locating children before their third birthday in order to provide early intervention services for three and four year olds.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your child's development and would like to have him/her screened, please call Kathleen Turner for an appointment at (781) 767-1226 ext. 21531.

If you believe that your child should be evaluated to determine eligibility for special education services, please request this in writing.  Include your child's name, address, date of birth, telephone number, with a brief description of your concerns to the Principal of your child's school.  

John F. Kennedy School (781) 767-4600

Holbrook Middle High School (781) 767-4616


Parents/ Guardians may make a referral for a special education evaluation at any time. Any person in a caregiving capacity in relation to the student may make such a referral. Most referrals are made because of a real concern that a student may have a disability and some referrals are made because of certain knowledge that a student has a disability. Some students with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to lost educational opportunities if their disabilities are not promptly identified and provided with intervention. Special education was designed to serve students with disabilities so that such students are able to have the same full educational opportunities as their non-disabled peers.


Becoming A Leader Youth Forum 


Are you a youth with a disability who is looking to learn more about gaining leadership and self-advocacy skills? Attend the youth forum! 

Becoming a Leader Youth Forum (ages 14-22) 

Join us at the Visions of Community Conference for a full day of Becoming a Leader. This year's conference will have a Youth Forum to engage, learn, and create visions with youth/self-advocates ages 14-22. Three youth leadership organizations: Empowering People for Inclusive Communities (EPIC): Young Leaders with Ability, Partners for Youth with Disabilities (PYD): Young Entrepreneurs Project and Easter Seals will facilitate workshops throughout the day to encourage the creation of a vision for life after high school, developing self-advocacy skills, and learning more about applying their skills with community and work experiences. Space is limited for the full day Becoming a Leader Youth Forum. Maximum is 30 youth/self-advocates. The schedule for the day will follow the same format as the main conference. Workshop topics for this forum are the following: 

Creating a Vision & Making it Happen 
Empowering People for Inclusive Communities 
Young Leaders with Ability will facilitate the first workshop for youth to explore their leadership, strengths, and skills and begin to create a vision for their future. 

Easter Seals 
Easter Seals will facilitate a workshop on self-advocacy and helping youth to find their voice. 

Employment: Professional Communication and Soft Skills 
Partners for Youth with Disabilities - Young Entrepreneurs Project 
Partners for Youth with Disabilities and their Young Entrepreneurs Project will facilitate a workshop on strategies for professional communication and gaining soft skills for the workplace. 

Register here: https://fcsn.org/voc/registration 

Call the Federation for Children with Special Needs to learn more: 617-236-7210 


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